Track 10: Wandering Claustrophobia (ft. Open Mike Eagle)

(This post is about track 10 from the album Goodbye Party, titled “Wandering Claustrophobia (ft. Open Mike Eagle)”Click here to stream or download it free.)



First of all, I need to direct a huge shout out at the brilliant Open Mike Eagle for hopping on this track with me. Mike is probably my favorite currently active hip-hop artist, runs a hilarious and fascinating podcast, put out what I would call the best indie-rap release of 2015, and is currently in the process of dropping another album right now.


In my notes about the song Famous Last Words, I spent some time on the theory that human beings cling on to organized religions in an attempt to feel a sense of connection. I believe that this is the same reason so many of us are attracted to drugs and alcohol, not to mention the countless other addictions that run rampant in this day and age (here’s another song of mine that explores this concept in depth). Social networking, video-games, entertainment, porn, medication, the list goes on… We thrive when we feel a sense that we are connected.

When I first got the opportunity to take my music on tour around the country in 2011, I kind of felt like I’d made it. I think a lot of young artists have similarly glamourous dreams to tour around the country performing their songs for different audiences made of new friends every night. To be completely honest, I still absolutely love the adventure of being on tour, but I can humbly assure you that it is nothing like most people imagine.

Mike and I made this song about the vast loneliness that comes with being a performing artist, especially on tour. The life of a traveling musician is not a comfortable one, and it’s one that makes it quite difficult to forge profound connections with other people.

There is a claustrophibic discomfort that sets in after you realize and accept that the life you’ve chosen for yourself is much more challenging to sustain than it could have been. This song is about the blues that show up about eighty miles past the point of no return. Hands up if you can relate.


Thanks again to Open Mike Eagle for the awesome feature.


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