Track 9: Run For Color

(This post is about track 9 from the album Goodbye Party, titled “Run For Color”Click here to stream or download it free.)

Before I got heavy into theater at my highschool, I was on the cross-country team. I wouldn’t say running has ever been a big passion for me in life, but I do have a serious fondness for the altered state of consciousness that so many refer to as the “runner’s high“. I’ve experienced similar states of consciousness through dance, yoga, meditation, performance, freestyle, and plenty more, and have been curious about these phenomena since I first noticed how much better I feel when I come out the other side of one of them.

What I’m speaking about has become a pretty trendy topic in recent years, so there’s a good chance you’ve heard mention of the concept of “flow” or “flow-state” before. I’ve been curious about flow for a long time, and have come to see it as an essential ingredient in personal transformation.

Regardless of what activity you might be engaging in to such a hyper-focused extent, everything else fades away until you come back out of the zone. Then, when you find yourself on the other side of having engaged with the full extent of your potential, you might notice yourself in one of the rare moments in life where “everything is already okay. Blissed-out, you might say. The perfect state of mind for the “aha moment“; for one of the 1% shifts that a beautiful life is made of.

See, in contrast to an idea that my Indian friend Madhur articulated at the end of my song “Rendezvous, I believe that the meaning of life is to remain in flow; to avoid stagnancy. Ayurvedic healers will tell you that stagnancy causes disease, death, and imbalance of all sorts. Many tantrikas, hindus, and yogis will tell you that all the universe wants is to experience its own fullest potential.

This life is an experiment, for the sake of satisfying the curiosity of the divine.

This is why I don’t believe it’s helpful to take life so seriously. It’s just an experiment anyway.

Don’t get stuck.

Stay in motion.

Stay in flow.

Keep it moving.

Try something new.

Fall in love with someone.

Forgive someone.

Start a new job.

Shift your career path.

Hitch-hike across the country.

Vagabond through Southeast Asia.

There’s always more canvas out there, and the potential is actually limitless.

Lets get it!

Shouts out to Ecid for giving birth to this fantastic beat.

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