Track 7: Built For Two

(This post is about track 7 from the album Goodbye Party, titled “Built For Two”. Click here to stream or download it free.)

Now, this is a concept that may very well be familiar to a lot of you, but of every lesson I’ve learned over the past few years of studying mindfulness and yoga, the most potent one has probably been around the serious power of intention.

Do you remember when that book “The Secret was EVERYWHERE!?

I believe it came out in 2006? The thing became a pop-culture phenomenon seemingly overnight. Probably turned a lot of people onto ‘new-age’ type of ideology for the first time. Praise be to Jebus (/sarcasm). The whole philosophy behind the thing is a new-thought concept known as the law of attraction (simply put: “like attracts like”). It’s the idea that positive thinking will create a positive life for you, while negative thinking will create a negative life.

If you do a little poking around the internet about this whole realm of thought, it won’t take you long to discover that the ideas packaged up and presented in this cute (and controversial – for its ingrained naiveté) little publication are nothing new. The world of neuroscience has known for a long time thatthe neurons that fire together wire together (you may remember my mention of this in a recent post), or, if you prefer, practice makes perfect.

Long story short, there’s nothing magical about the fact that if I spend almost all of my time thinking about how dope of a rapper I am, I’m inevitably going to grow into being the dopest rapper. (Or, at least a lot closer to it.)

Why, you ask?

Well, if I’m obsessed enough with being the best rapper, I’m probably going to rap a lot (e.g: improve the skillset), talk about rap a lot (e.g: potentially make lots of useful rap-related connections), listen to a lot of rap (e.g: study/learn/research), think about rap a lot (e.g: potentially innovate), eat, sleep, and breathe rap, even. If these are not things that will contribute to becoming more skilled at the art of rap, you tell me how it works. In his book “The Great Work of Your Life“, Stephen Cope has referred to this process as intensive study.

I’ve mentioned before that I used to lead wilderness trips every summer. This song, “Built For Two” grew out of some jottings of mine from one of these trips. You see, I have been a romantic for my entire life. If you’re familiar with much of my work at all, this probably isn’t a stretch for you to imagine. I write a lot of songs about women, love, and the beautiful, messy process of falling deeply in crush. So, naturally, being out in the wilderness, so far away from womankind, I used to burn through a lot of wavelength dreaming of all the time I’d spend with the perfect lady once I found her. This should provide a little context for the first lines of this track

“No music, no lights, no pen, no paper, no right, no wrong, just sky. No video, no people, no car, no bike. Just me, and where I’ll end up when I let go and just roll through the woods, until I know what’s really good to you.”

See, this song is about manifesting the perfect time, place, and person to fall and stay in love with.

This song is about living happily ever after.

Yeah, I said it.

The elusive, legendary happy ending

The myth of the happy ending, you say?


I says this song is about how the only thing keeping her and myself from that happy ending is that we haven’t recognized we’re already there yet.

For real. (Ahem. #frreal)

What’s really good to you?

Perhaps I can deliver it to you…

Just let me know what it is.

Trust me, I’m a manifester.

These things can happen like that. I’ve seen it.


Recommended learning about manifestation and intention (via Amy Cuddy’s game-changing TED talk)

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