Track 3: Take Two (ft. Kristoff Krane)

(This post is about track 3 from the album Goodbye Party, titled “Take Two ft. Kristoff Krane”)

Take Two is a song that I made with my good friend and mentor Kristoff Krane.  It’s about mortality, memory, and legacy.

Regardless of what beliefs you may have about the afterlife, I think it’s objectively fair to say that a person’s presence in this world goes through a significant shift once they exhale for the last time.

When I’m no longer living, you will have a very different relationship to either Forefeather, or Zac Hills-Bonzyk, depending on how exactly you knew me in life.

This may seem obvious, but my point here is the acknowledgement of the transition. Obviously, I can’t offer much detail on what the experience of dying is like, but I can safely say with conviction that for everyone remaining alive, it’s a hell of an adjustment to not have that person around anymore.


This song is in reference to what a life becomes after death has taken place. It’s an offering from the perspective of an actively expiring soul to the loved ones that will be left behind. A message in a bottle from barely beyond the horizon line, reading “My life as a memory is in your hands now. Please use it wisely.

Witness testimony doesn’t make or break a case in a court of law, and it isn’t purely because of dishonesty.  Aside from the question of truthiness, memory can be a tricksy, slippery devil.

I’m not a neuroscientist or a psychologist, but I’ve learned that memories are much more malleable than most of us imagine. In fact, every time you think back through a memory, it essentially recreates itself for you. This means the story of my brother rolling off the top of a triple-decker bunk bed (without even waking up) when I was six years of age is likely represented very differently in my memory than how it actually happened.

Who knows, maybe I’d even woken up and pushed him off his bed myself…

I don’t remember that, but twenty years is a long time for a memory to change outfits as often as it might like.


What I’m saying here is that each and every one of us has the power to intentionally shape our memories however we choose. Plus, just like everything else about the brain, practice makes perfect (or, if you prefer, “neurons that fire together wire together“). This means that if you spend all your time grieving, regretting, and seeing only darkness, you’re damning the memory of your loved one to the hell of only existing to you as a force of suffering.

On the other hand, when I’m gone, you could celebrate me.

Get down to my music.

Let me live on as a source of inspiration to smile, live out loud, and love your life.

Then I’ll be so much more than just a memory

I’ll forever be exactly what I’ve always sought to become by the time I bounce; a force of love, light, and best of all, bliss.

Special thanks to the mentor, teacher, and reason I exist as an artist in this realm at all, Kristoff Krane.

This one goes out to my biggest inspiration and favorite artist of all time, Michael Eyedea Larsen.

Kristoff Krane and Forefeather in 2012

Kristoff Krane and Forefeather in 2012

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