Free Yoga Music Mixes for Yoga Teachers!?

The word vibrancy can be used to describe anything that is in a state of vibration, anything with a significant resonance to it, or anything that is “pulsating with vigor and energy”.

Sound is Vibration

Because sound is – at its simplest level – purely vibration, I believe that it can be an incredibly powerful (and underrated) catalyst for fully immersing in the present moment. The right mixture of sounds (read: “music) can be exactly the perfect ingredient to bridge the gap between a solid yoga class and a powerful transformative experience.

In the context of a yoga teaching, it’s a shame to me how often I see the art of the playlist mishandled. With so much potential to magnify student’s experiences of inhabiting their physical bodies while linking breath, movement, meditation, and awareness in asana practice, it’s an important skill as a yoga teacher to be able to match your teaching with a soundtrack that will actually enhance your class, rather than distracting from it, detracting from it, or making it gimmicky.

Let it be known that I’m not exactly a DJ. I don’t usually identify as a DJ, and I don’t consistently gig as a DJ, although I’ve played the role here and there at different times throughout my life. I do put a lot of thought and energy into how to skillfully pair music and asana though. And I do have the capabilities to blend together tracks into yoga class mixes.

That’s why I’ve decided to start posting my own yoga class mixes as resources for other teachers to use. You’ll find all the full, blended mixes of mine hosted on Soundcloud (which you can stream if you’ve got internet access, though you can’t download due to copyright law), with a companion Spotify playlist to match each one.

I hope this makes a helpful resource for you yoga teachers out there.

Click here to check out all the mixes I’ve uploaded so far.

Much love, jai jai, and I’m out.

Them Owls

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